USB Mishna

USB Mishna


All of Sisha Sidrei Mishna on 1 USB

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The Mishna-On-The-Phone series of the complete Mishnayos in MP3 audio
This USB contains all the audio shiurim (lectures) from the Mishna-On-The-Phone series. The USB is organized in alphabetical order. These shiurim can be listened to by someone who wants to follow the Mishna Yomis schedule, by a boy who wants to make a siyum for his Bar Mitzvah, or anyone who wants to learn the Mishnayos with a clear explanation.
They can be downloaded onto any MP3 player, or listened to on a computer.
PC or Mac with a USB drive.

The following Maggidei Shiur contribute to the English series:
Rav Moshe Brown
Rav Mordechai Finkelman
Rav M. Greenblatt
Rav Moshe Kupetz
Rav Label Resnick
Rav Fishel Schachter
Rav Nosson Scherman – the main Maggid Shiur
Rav Moshe Meir Weiss
Rav Menachem Zupnik

The following Maggidei Shiur contribute to this series:
Rav Michel Silber